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Patio or Pool Furniture Replacement Slings

We use Phifer® and Twitchell® outdoor fabrics.
Patio, Pool, and Outdoor Sling Replacements for quality names like
Carter Grandle, Agio, Woodard, Winston, Brown Jordan,
Tropitone, Innova, Mallin, Lyon Shaw, Telescope, etc.


Our Patio or Pool Furniture Replacement
Slings are All Custom Made

All fabric replacement slings are custom made with durable, quality outdoor fabrics designed with the strength for the tension needed on sling furniture and are able to withstand the outdoor elements. Produced with double stitching, we have many colors of high tensile strength Bonded Polyester B92 Thread also made for outdoor use. This very durable outdoor thread has never failed on the thousands of replacement slings we have provided for our customers for over 16 years now. Original slings manufactured by top-of-the-line names like Brown Jordan, Winston, Woodard, Agio, Carter Grandle, Mallin, Innova, Crown Leisure, Lyon Shaw, and Tropitone generally have an average life of 8 to 12 years under normal use conditions. Our custom made patio or pool furniture replacement slings will provide you with many years of enjoyable outdoor living.

Here at Patio Furniture Rehab to make quality replacement slings that will endure and have an overall attractive appearance we follow these 3 criteria:

1) Quality double stitching with high tensile strength commercial grade UV protected thread.

Double stitching with UV protected thread

2) We have various thread colors and we choose the best that will complement your fabric choice.

Various Thread Colors for Replacement Sling Fabrics

3) We understand that neatness counts and therefore we are conscientious of the overall appearance and details of the sling's construction.

We Care How Your New Replacement Slings Look

Customer Awareness: Please feel free to ask us questions about our custom made patio or pool furniture sling replacements. We understand there are claims out there of some special clear or invisible thread. Please see this Customer Response to see how they felt about this "clear" thread. This thread (which we have examined and not deemed good for our customers) makes it easier to manufacture the slings because it is supposed that you do not have to change the thread for various fabric colors. Regarding fabrics, the fact is you will find most of the same fabrics used for outdoor furniture sling replacements are from Phifer® or Twitchell® and these fabrics (which we use) have an average sling life of about 8 to 12 years depending on use and the amount of exposure to the sun's rays.

We also make available the proper spline for you as well if you clarify what you need at the time of your purchase. We have .180", 7/32", and 1/4" diameter spline for installing your slings on groove and rail sling patio furniture. If you request this option, these splines are priced at $2.00 per sling which includes a spline for each side of each replacement sling (2 splines per sling or 4 for 2-piece slings).

Also, many various
end caps for the sling
rails are available:

Sling Replacements

Sling Replacements

Patio or Pool Furniture Sling Replacements for Winston, Woodard, Brown Jordan, Mallin, Carter Grandle, Agio, Tropitone, Telescope, Crown Leisure, More!

Sling Information Links:

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Patio Furniture Rehab manufactures
custom replacement slings for
Woodard, Tropitone, Winston,
Brown Jordan, Mallin, Telescope,
Carter Grandle, Agio, Innova, Lyon Shaw
Crown Leisure, and other top
quality patio or pool furniture!

We promise that the quality and durability
of our replacement slings equals or
surpasses that of the names listed above.

NOTE: As of 6/6/16, due to new UPS Ground charges, sling orders having a length over 46" will be sent without splines pre-installed.
Please see our Carter Grandle Chair Sling Install video at the 2 minute point to see how to install the splines in the fabric sides.

Most sling order are shipped rolled in a box.
(Some smaller orders and those from outside the continental
US may be shipped folded via USPS)

Replacement Slings are Shipped Carefully Replacement Slings are Shipped Carefully

To Measure and Order Sling Replacements

Go to our measuring slings page. Then choose the outdoor fabric you like. Then you may place your order in our replacement slings shopping page.

Brown Jordan Nomad Chairs, Chaises, Ottomans

Please note: If you need Brown Jordan Nomad replacement slings we may need your original slings as patterns to produce new slings for you. To confirm whether you have Brown Jordan Nomad sling furniture this is a picture of the Nomad patio chairs:

Nomad Brown Jordan Sling Replacements


Brown Jordan Nomad is the type of patio furniture which will fold away for storage. We have learned over the years of doing these that they can vary in measurements and they are much different than the regular spline/rail slings. Nomad replacement slings are generally easier to install than others. If your furniture does not fold for easy storage then you do not have Nomad sling furniture. Please contact us for details.

Commercial or Bulk Discounts are available for 9+
Pool or Patio Furniture Sling Replacements

Public and Private Swimming Pools, Country Clubs, Restaurants, Homeowners Associations, Hotels, and more! It is simple to by in bulk here. As you choose the quantity in your shopping cart this discount will be reflected. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Turnover Time for Custom Made Sling Replacements:  


Orders placed 9/10/20 thru 10/18/20 have up to 30 business days completion time. Orders placed 10/19/20 to present have 15 to 20 business days. Special pattern sling orders may take up to another 5 business days.

You may contact us if you have questions about this. We will send you an email confirmation of your order just after it is submitted and an email notice with tracking information when your order is shipped.